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Transforming Eganeet into a Modern Math Learning Platform and Achieving Remarkable Results

Client Name: Eganeet

About the Client: Eganeet is a comprehensive math learning platform catering to students of all levels. With a focus on school math, Eganeet provides a one-stop solution for learners of all ages. It serves as a primary learning environment for basic math concepts as well as higher-order math topics.

Tenure: November 2022 to Current

Challenges Faced:

  1. Website Customization: Eganeet required a website revamp to modernize its structure and enhance its visual appeal, providing an optimal user experience.
  2. Starting from Scratch: The client needed to establish a strong online presence by creating social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  3. Engagement Management: The goal was to increase Instagram followers from 100 to 10,000, Facebook page likes from 100 to 10,000, and YouTube subscribers from 68 to 2,000+ in the first quarter.
  4. Lead Generation and Brand Awareness: Eganeet aimed to generate high-quality leads and increase brand awareness through targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. App Installs and Brand Awareness: A Google Ads campaign was set up to drive app installs and create brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Strategies Implemented:

  1. Website Customization: The existing Eganeet website was redesigned and customized to provide a modern and visually appealing experience. The new structure focused on easy navigation, clear information presentation, and engaging visuals to enhance user satisfaction and interaction.

  2. Social Media Platforms Setup: Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, were created for Eganeet. These platforms were optimized to reflect the brand’s identity, attract the target audience, and engage with users effectively.

  3. Regular Content Creation and Posting: A consistent content strategy was implemented to keep the audience engaged. Regular posts were created for each social media channel, offering math-related tips, educational resources, practice exercises, success stories, and motivational content. The content was tailored to the interests and needs of the target audience.

  4. Engagement Management: Various strategies were employed to increase engagement and grow the social media following. These included targeted ad campaigns, collaborations with influencers, interactive quizzes, contests, and engaging video content. The focus was on providing valuable math-related content to the audience, encouraging them to interact, share, and follow Eganeet.

  5. Google Campaign Setup: An app installs campaign was set up on Google Ads to drive installations of the Eganeet app. Engaging ad creatives were designed to attract the target audience, highlighting the benefits of the app and its comprehensive math learning resources. A parallel brand awareness campaign was launched to increase visibility and familiarity with the Eganeet brand.

  6. Facebook & Instagram Setup: Targeted campaigns were created on Facebook and Instagram to achieve lead generation and brand awareness objectives. These campaigns included lead generation ads to capture high-quality leads, traffic ads to direct users to a landing page with valuable math resources, and brand awareness ads to increase brand recognition among the target audience.

Results Achieved:

Through the implementation of the digital marketing strategies mentioned above, Eganeet achieved remarkable results during the tenure:

    1. Reached More than 1,00,00,000 Users: The combined efforts of website customization, social media presence, and targeted campaigns enabled Eganeet to reach a significant number of users interested in math learning.
    2. 25,000+ App Installs: The Google Ads app installs campaign successfully drove installations of the Eganeet app, demonstrating a strong demand for the math learning resources provided.
    3. Generated 2000+ High-Quality Leads: The lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram generated a substantial number of high-quality leads, indicating the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in reaching the target audience.
    4. Exceeded Engagement Goals: Eganeet’s Instagram followers increased from 100 to over 10,000, Facebook page likes grew from 100 to over 10,000, and YouTube subscribers reached 2,000+, surpassing the initial engagement targets set for the first quarter.

The implemented digital marketing strategies not only transformed Eganeet into a modern math learning platform but also delivered impressive results in terms of user reach, app installs, lead generation, and engagement. These achievements reinforced Eganeet's position as a trusted and reliable platform for math education across different age groups.


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