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 Boosting Social Media Presence and Generating Quality Leads for ICAD Edutech, Nagpur

Client Name: ICAD Edutech, Nagpur

About the Client:
ICAD Edutech is a dedicated institute that aims to protect the interests of India by nurturing and developing talented individuals. The institute is committed to creating well-cultured personnel with a clear understanding of life’s concepts.

Tenure: August 2022 to Current

Challenges Faced:
1. Low Social Media Presence: ICAD Edutech lacked a strong presence on social media platforms, limiting their reach and engagement with potential students.
2. Need for Quality Leads: The institute required a steady stream of high-quality leads for admissions to sustain growth and maintain their commitment to nurturing talent.

Digital Marketing Strategies Implemented:

1. Regular Content Creation and Posting on Facebook and Instagram:
To address the challenge of low social media presence, a comprehensive content strategy was developed. Engaging and informative posts were created regularly to keep the audience updated about ICAD Edutech’s offerings, success stories, events, and industry news. The content aimed to position ICAD as a trusted and knowledgeable institution.

2. Google Campaign Setup:
To drive traffic to ICAD’s landing page and increase visibility, a Google Ads campaign was implemented. This campaign included:
– Display Ads: Strategically placed display ads on relevant websites and platforms to generate awareness and capture the attention of the target audience.
– Search Ads on Relevant Keywords: Carefully selected keywords were targeted to display ads when users searched for related terms. This approach ensured that ICAD’s ads appeared to potential students actively seeking educational opportunities.

3. Facebook & Instagram Setup:
To generate leads and enhance brand awareness, the following campaigns were implemented:
– Remarketing Campaigns: Ads were targeted to users who had previously interacted with ICAD’s website or social media channels. This remarketing strategy aimed to re-engage potential students and encourage them to take action.
– Lead Ads: Customized lead generation forms were created within Facebook and Instagram to collect relevant information from interested prospects. These forms simplified the lead generation process and increased conversion rates.
– WhatsApp Ads: Ads were designed to encourage potential students to connect with ICAD through WhatsApp for quick and personalized assistance.
– Brand Awareness Campaign: A comprehensive brand awareness campaign was launched to reach a broader audience and establish ICAD as a reputable and trustworthy institution.

Results Achieved in the Admission Season:
Through the implementation of the digital marketing strategies mentioned above, ICAD Edutech achieved the following results:
1. Generated High-Quality Leads: The lead generation campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads successfully attracted a significant number of high-quality leads, ensuring a consistent flow of potential students interested in admissions.
2. Increased Brand Awareness: The brand awareness campaign helped increase ICAD Edutech’s visibility among the target audience, leading to improved recognition and a positive brand image.
3. Enhanced Social Media Presence: Regular content creation and posting on Facebook and Instagram significantly improved ICAD Edutech’s social media presence, resulting in increased engagement, followers, and reach.

By leveraging digital marketing strategies, ICAD Edutech successfully addressed the challenges of low social media presence and generated a steady flow of quality leads during the admission season. These results not only contributed to the growth of the institute but also reinforced its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting the development of well-rounded individuals in Nagpur.




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