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Facebook Ads ROI Calculator

Facebook Ads ROI Calculator is a powerful tool designed to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their lead generation campaigns on Facebook. This tool allows users to input key metrics such as ad spend, cost per lead (CPL), conversion rate, and average sale value. By providing these inputs, advertisers can gain valuable insights into their campaign performance and determine the return on investment (ROI) of their Facebook advertising efforts. The calculator dynamically calculates the total leads generated based on the selected industry and ad spend, allowing users to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies.

Explanation of Fields

Select Industry: Users can choose the industry relevant to their business from a dropdown menu. This selection helps to set the appropriate Cost Per Lead (CPL) value.

Ad Spend (₹): This field requires users to input the total amount spent on Facebook ads for their campaign.

Cost per Lead (CPL) (₹): This field displays the cost to acquire a single lead, based on the selected industry and ad spend.

Total Leads Generated: This field shows the total number of leads generated from the ad campaign, calculated dynamically based on the ad spend and CPL.

Conversion Rate (%): Users input the percentage of leads that convert into paying customers.

Average Sale Value (₹): Users input the average revenue generated from a single sale.

Calculate ROI: Clicking this button triggers the calculation of ROI based on the provided inputs.

Results: The calculator displays the total sales, total revenue, net profit, and ROI percentage based on the inputs provided.

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